"It is my belief that diversity and multidisciplinary integration devise the most direct route to finding better legal solutions to complex issues.

At JMA law offices, in addition to the thorough examination of even the smallest details, we always consider the full scope of any given situation including all related circumstances. This way, we never lose sight of the big picture encompassing client's overall objectives and strategy."

Jessie M. Abad, Esq., Founder of JMA Law Offices, P.A.

Our Approach

Our innovative legal services are based on multidisciplinary and all-inclusive approach, which is fundamentally different from the traditional procedure. Thanks to extensive corporate and organizational experience we combine specialized legal expertise with a broad-based business knowledge. We offer the corporate quality legal counsel at rates affordable to a wide range of organizations, businesses, startups and private individuals. Our solutions are cost-effective, proactive, results-focused and truly strategic.

From our clients' perspective, our roles may include advisor, advocate, negotiator, intermediary, and evaluator. With absolute client focus and unwavering commitment, we rely on trust based co-operation. Our approach incorporates empathic listening, interviewing and careful evaluation. All aspects of a client's current circumstances as well as related business and legal environments are considered relevant to the matter at hand. This holistic view allows us to assess how different factors and their interdependencies affect our client's current situation and their long-term outcomes.

JMA Law Office, P.A. brings dedicated and experienced professionals, but above all we are real people committed to understanding our clients' needs, goals, and ambitions. Our integrative counsel strategy provides a clear and decisive guidance based on the in-depth evaluation of the smallest details and full-scope perspective extending across diverse functions. This approach assures the legal solutions that can not only effectively resolve an immediate matter or a crisis but are aligned with long-term objectives and overall sustained growth strategy of each client.

Our Values

  • Complete client focus and unwavering commitment.
  • Excellence in service quality build on extensive experience.
  • Attention to cost control and accountability.
  • Honesty and integrity. Straightforward and open communication.
  • Results-focused and cost-effective counsel based on a thorough understanding of our clients' situation.
  • Proactive guidance in integrating our clients' immediate needs with their long-term goals.
  • Strategic, timely and cost-effective solutions based on the unparallel insight.
  • Lasting relationships fostered by collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Striving for continuous improvement.
  • Driving change and sustainable growth in our communities.